Samsung UN65JU6700F Backlight LED Strip Set BN96-34807A , BN96-34808A


⦁ Brand(s):   Samsung
⦁ Item Condition :   New
⦁ Part Type:   Backlight LED Strip
⦁ Part Number (MPN):    BN96-34807A , BN96-34808A

⦁ Compatible Models :

UN65MU6500F , UN65KU649DF , UN65JU6500F , HG65ND890UF , UN65KU6500F , UN65KU650DF UN65JU7100F , UN65JU750DF , UN65JU650DF , UN65JU6400F UN65JU670DF , UN65JU670DF UN65JU6500F , UN65JU6700F , UN65MU650DF

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To Ensure Compatibility In Your TV Please Confirm That ( BN96-34807A , BN96-34808A ) Is Printed On The Sticker.

Before ordering replacement parts please take the time to verify part numbers from the old part.
This can only be done by removing the televisions back cover, don’t rely on suggestions.
DO NOT use only the model number since there are numerous versions and all use different parts.
Order by the exact alphanumerical sequence found on the old part you are replacing.